Traumatic Narcissism: Relational Systems of Subjugation
by Daniel Shaw LCSW
Published by Routledge, for the Relational Perspectives Series
Currently in production, available Fall 2013 

If narcissism is merely vanity and selfishness, then we can all claim to be narcissists to one degree or another.  

Traumatic narcissism, however, is not a universal vulnerability.  It is the relational style of some, whose greatest need is to deny and externalize dependency, so that those around them are first seduced, and then inducted into dependency and shame.  This is how the traumatizing narcissist insures that he, or she, can claim to be free and shameless.

The relational system of the traumatizing narcissist consists of the subjugating inflated narcissist, who needs to be in relationship to others he or she can subjugat and deflat.  The system can operate in any dyad, or family, group, institution, or nation.  

Daniel Shaw, a psychoanalyst and author, will discuss this theme in a variety of contexts - clinical work with adult children of traumatizing narcissists; cults; couples; institutional psychoanalytic training; in the psychotherapy process itself.  

Stay tuned! The book will be announced here as soon as it's available, Fall 2013.