Upcoming Presentations This Fall

Dan Shaw will present this fall at several venues on the subject of his book, “Traumatic Narcissisism: Relational Systems of Subjugation.”
On Sunday, October 12th, he will present to the New York State Society of Clinical Social Workers (NYSSCSW) in New York City. This will be a brunch presentation with discussion from the audience.  The program begins at 12:30; location in NYC to be announced.  Check the Events Calendar at http://www.nysscsw.com/.
On Saturday, November 8th, Shaw will present at theInstitute for Contemporary Psychoanalysis (ICP) in New York, along with Shelly Rosen, a director of the Trauma Studies Program at ICP; and speakers who are former cult members.  The program will address the issue of traumatic abuse in cults.  Shaw will discuss his concept of the relational system of the traumatizing narcissist in the context of cults; and describe post-cult trauma and its treatment.   Details of this program are still being finalized.  Refer to the ICP website, at http://icpnyc.org/, as more information becomes available.
And on Saturday, Nov. 15th, Shaw will present to theTampa Bay Psychoanalytic Society (TBPS) in Tampa, Florida, from 8:15 am to 4:30 pm.  This workshop will review the concepts of traumatic narcissism developed in Shaw’s book, and will include a clinical presentation by a Tampa Bay Society participant, which Shaw will discuss with the participants. Visit http://tbpsychoanalytic.org/ for further details.
Shaw locates the roots of narcissism in relational trauma, and describes the relational dynamics of the traumatizing narcissist.  He details the traumatizing narcissist’s need to subjugate his (or her) objects by destabilizing and invalidating the object’s subjectivity.  By establishing hegemony for his subjectivity, suppressing his object’s capacity for developing good enough subjectivity, and trapping the object in the sado-masochistic binary, the traumatizing narcissist maintains the narcissistic delusion of omnipotence. Shaw’s work on “traumatic narcissism” has been widely acclaimed by colleagues and lay readers alike.